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Sunday, March 20, 2011

sunday, bloody sunday

Scott and I would normally be drinking coffee together. He preferred his with one ice cube whereas I love it hot. Like liquid lava. We would watch bowling and look at the paper together. He loved looking at circulars to see the "hot deals" on electronics, toys, DVD's and games. It was a ritual. He would often say "wanna go to______ today?" Which would consist of Bucktown, outlet mall, suburbs, Walmart, etc. He defined Sundays for us.

I am defining my own Sundays now. While he is not here with me, I think of all the Sundays we shared together and feel good knowing we had a lot of fun.

I feel a bit stronger today. I owe it to catching up on some sleep. It's amazing what sleep can do, when you actually sleep. I needed this weekend.

I never know what I will feel in the next hour, but as of right now, I am okay on this rainy Sunday.

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