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Saturday, April 2, 2011

oh yeah...cabo

My trip to Cabo has been booked. So excited. I've wanted a vacation and needed a vacation, even before Scott's death, so now I'm glad it's finally been booked. My mom, sister and I will go to Cabo and completely lose ourselves to the beach, pool and virgin-drinks at all-inclusive resort. We even get beach beds and afternoon tea, if you want it. I'm mostly excited for a swim up bar, where my sister and I will order really fru-fru drinks, but skip the alcohol. I want a happy vacation and alcohol can be a depressant.

I bought THREE, yes THREE bathing suits today. They were all just so perfect. I am so excited to wear them and just do nothing but live in a bathing suit and read, read, read! Read in bed, read at the pool, read on the beach, read in hammocks, read wherever! Listen to music, eat great food and most importantly be with my mom and sister and try to heal. I know this isn't a "cure-all" by any means, but at least I can escape my day to day and enjoy some sunshine and much needed heat!

That is all.

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