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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I feel very blessed today. Not in a religious way. But a fortunate way. I really have some amazing people in my life, who are so supportive and loving. A lot of these people are in Michigan, and I was so afraid to move back to Chicago in March, but I'm realizing that I can be okay here. Even though I have so many people I love in Michigan, I'm still keeping in touch and maintaining these friendships from Chicago. I was fearful that when I left MI, I would lose touch with everyone, but I haven't and they haven't allowed that to happen! Thankfully.
I cannot wait to explore Chicago and learn more about the neighborhoods (during the summer!). Art festivals, live music, good food, dancing, drinks, weird stores...I could go on and on. If only the weather would get a little warmer, I could start this process now! :) I also plan to blog about my experiences this summer so everyone can be a part of what I'm experiencing!

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