denial. shock. sad. pain. acceptance. anger. peace. repeat. repeat. repeat...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a new day

I didn't go to work yesterday. When the sadness hits, I need to take care of it right away and allow myself to feel. Work is a good distraction at times, but not when I am that sad and confused. I'm at a good place and need to ensure I'm allowing the feelings to hit when they hit. I never want to run away from them, because that could be disaster later!

I feel great today. The bounceback was quicker than I'm used to. I'll take that as a good sign for now, until I know otherwise. It's cold, rainy and gross outside, but yet I still feel good. I thought I would only be happy on sunny days, however that's not true. Yes, the sunshine helps, but I can still be happy when it's "not so happy" looking outside!

I didn't sleep that great on my new mattress. I slept, and went to bed early, however I kept waking up. I hear a weird noise in this apartment at night. It's not coming from my apartment, but I can hear it. Weird.

Also just realized I owe the ME a call...

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