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Saturday, April 9, 2011


I was up at the bowling alley tonight and was telling the story of seeing 3 WRXs on my way to my moms on Friday.

It's weird. I saw a blue WRX on the other side of the freeway (going the opposite way), and didn't think much about it. Then I saw a blue STI and was like, "weird, I never see these cars." I told myself that if I see another one, it's a sign. And what do you know, I see a black WRX. This is all within 10 minutes on the freeway.

I am not sure what it's a sign of, but I think it's a sign. Maybe I'll figure it out, maybe I won't.

The significance is that this was the car that Scott drove, a blue WRX STI. And he loved it. It was definitely his second child.

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  1. the signs will be everywhere, you'll see them at the most random times. so very proud of you my friend. The world isn't ready for you, so kick down doors and let it know you are here!!