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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11/01

Today is the 10 year anniversary of 9/11/01. I remember seeing the first plane hit as I was getting ready for one of my classes at Western, but had to rush out the door. I thought it was a freak accident. By the time that class was over, the second plane had hit and we were under a terrorist attack. All I could think about was Steve. I knew he lived very close to the Towers. I was in my second class and was trying to call him, and then classes were cancelled for the day and I finally got a hold of him when I went outside. It was music to my ears to hear his voice. He was okay.

I sat and stared at the TV for countless hours. Shocked that this was really happening.

As I sit here today, I never knew how much I would relate to those who lost loved ones. Your husband, wife, father, mother or friend all went to work that morning and you expected them to come home. You expected life. Yet it was taken away so abruptly and tragically. I know what this is like now and my heart is literally empty today for all of those who have experienced such loss.

Today is the first day I'm paying attention to the media coverage. I've been avoiding it. Like a 20 year old said during an interview, he lost his father on 9/11, "anniversaries don't mean anything because you still think of them everyday." He's right. It's still another day of the loss you felt the day before and will continue to experience the rest of your life.

Grieving doesn't appear to have an end.

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  1. Having similar feelings today...thinking about Steve, so glad he's here 10 years later. But also thinking about loss...and Scott and Tyler.

    I love you, G. Thanks for posting this.